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Violin Lessons

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Master Teacher Susie Peek

What do you want in a teacher?

If you're a parent of a young beginner, you want someone to engage your child, foster a love of music, and kindle any natural talent, someone careful and precise to instill good habits, all while making it fun. You'll want to see your child's continued interest and progress from week to week.

Ms. Peek is a very good violin teacher. I have learned so much in the past two years. Mira, age 10

If you're a high-school student looking toward a career in music, you want someone who knows the business and the standards necessary for success, someone with insight and technique and the ability to pass them on. Someone who knows about auditions.

The 5 years I've been doing violin with Susie have taught me to be particular about the little things I might not have always noticed. Ilana, age 12

If you're an adult in a community orchestra and need help negotiating the repertoire, you want someone who's familiar with orchestra playing, who's encountered and solved the problems you're facing and can make difficult music easier.

I have found Susie to be a patient, understanding teacher. I have learned techniques and theory which have improved my playing. Liz, adult

Susie has been teaching and playing professionally for over 20 years. She's played in symphonies, string quartets, opera and ballet orchestras, recordings, movie soundtracks, and advertising jingles. She's worked with Paul Simon, Ella Fitzgerald, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Luciano Pavarotti, Joshua Bell, and Yo-Yo Ma. She's taught in schools, privately, and as a coach for local youth orchestras. Her teaching style is friendly and supportive and is focused on ensuring her students clearly understand the music and the physical actions necessary to play in the most relaxed and pleasing manner. Call 303‑433‑8222 for availability.